I am Mermaidcrew, but I still love Annie Mac


ok i have an idea

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it

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For those who think Amanda Bynes’ situation is funny, Sam Lutfi is one of the most toxic and dangerous people in Hollywood and has several lawsuits pending against him. He is infamous for taking advantage of mentally unwell individuals.

In 2007, he became Britney Spears’ “manager”. As detailed in police reports filed by Adnan Ghalib, Britney’s paparazzo boyfriend at the time, and in Lynne Spears’ court testament, Lutfi would mentally abuse and drug Britney without her knowledge, He would mix in prescription drugs into Britney’s food without her knowledge, force her to take pills that he lied and said the courts told her to take if she wanted to win custody of her children back, threatened to kill her dog if she ever left her Calabasas-residence without him and was working with a “private-practice doctor” on trying to find a way to put Britney into a sleep-induced coma to “fix the voices inside her brain”.

When I saw Amanda’s most recent tweet, I gasped and felt a cloud of darkness overcome me. Sam Lutfi is why Britney Spears almost ended up dead. Even those who saw her as a meal ticket or used her financially, like Adnan Ghalib, cared for her enough and saw Lutfi was putting Britney’s life in physical danger. I’m shocked he’s not behind bars yet. If Amanda’s with him, her issues are not a joke and they’re not funny.


Sunset is the best lighting thank u nature


taylorswift and I at the Grove in 2008 [i was walking along and there you were at a Selena Gomez premiere]

Please ignore the weird man in the back (unless he is your bestfriend??) I met you when I was seventeen and it meant a lot to me then because Fearless got me through my senior year of high school!!! Thank you for that I hope you’re very happy and 1989 does well :)


The never ending quest to become a hot 90’s mom starring me


Who said thick girls can’t be cute??? A compilation of full body selfies from 19 to 23. Body love is a journey and I’m so FUCKING happy to be on it!!!! 


I was beautiful at sunset and I ate a cheese burger and everything was right in the world 🍔🍟


"Lorde didn’t invent dark lipstick" ya girl is on her way to see Lorde!!!!


Do you think Drake would love me? ???


Sitting on a curb in the sunset at 2 in the morning is arguably the most carefree I’ve been in a long time.

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